Vintners for over 200 years

Wine is life for my family and I, it encapsulates our passion for the land, history, tradition…

Falcomario di Panigai
The roots of the Panigai family go way back to 1080, when Falcomarius di Panigai was given the title of ‘Squire’.
In 1250 the family was elevated to the rank of Counts with feuds located in the south of Friuli.
Half-way through the nineteenth century a branch of the family settled at Farra di Soligo, between Valdobbiadene and Conegliano, in the heart of the historic production area for Prosecco.

Nowadays the descendents of this noble stock, represented by Count Rambaldo and his children Falcomario and Francesca, carry on their activities as vintners committed to achieving excellent wine.
Villa Maria, the counts’ ancient Hunting Lodge, dominates a vast hilly area owned by the family.

The gentle slopes are home to rows of vines that produce the grapes for the production of Prosecco DOCG in a breathtakingly beautiful landscape.
Quality: always top priority for Villa Maria
We ‘look after’ our vines so we can harvest their fruit, dedicating our daily labours to a generous terrain which is often difficult due to its location.

All our efforts would be in vain if we did not deal with every step of the production chain.

For this reason our winery performs every stage of grape processing, from crushing to fermentation, from maturation to bottling.

Only in this way can we guarantee natural, unadulterated wines in perfect harmony with the environment and with total quality control.
Sustainability: environmentally friendly viticulture

The earth is life and it gives us a great deal.

Our awareness of this has encouraged us to cultivate the land with respect for the territory, making every effort not to waste anything in the process.

Nothing is wasted: grapevine chips

The branches cut off during pruning are ground to make wood chips.

In this way, what used to be discarded becomes valuable biomass we use in winter to heat our winery.

The wood chips are burnt in controlled emission boilers that ensure a very small carbon footprint.

Solar energy

We use photovoltaic panels situated on the winery roof to produce electricity to power machines and coolers.

This creates a virtuous circle that exploits energy sustainably.

Taste our wines in happy company, in a family atmosphere that puts everyone at ease

Shown above is the place we dedicate to wine tasting, a hospitable place where you can taste and purchase our wines, and not only…

As the wine tasting area is next to our winery, you can tour the entire complex guided by our staff, who will help you to fully appreciate the quality of our natural products.

By tasting our wine together with typical local cheese and cured meats you will be better able to choose the wine you prefer before making a purchase

For information about costs and bookings please consult the wine tasting link.